Abroad In the Right Pair of Shoes

Part of the art of a designer is to know how far he or she can push the changes without over-reaching and bursting the bubble.

No matter whether it is new clothing at a fashion show or designer shoes or even a new shaped toaster, there has to be enough people convinced of the idea to produce and market it.

Now and again there is an occasion when the designer can really let the creative juices go and no more so than Ladies Day at Ascot. This is the day when women wear hats designed presumably by asylum dwellers on acid.

Astonishing creations are on display and this seems unfair to the horses that look very ill at ease with each passing creation.

Needless to say, there is rarely a rush the next morning by women up and down the country wanting to buy that hat they saw on television from Ascot.

But these hat designers are not as daft as we think because the more outrageous the hat the more likely the camera is to find them and this always gets the designers name mentioned. Free advertising like that is hard to come by and one particular designer seems to manage a mention every year.

By the very nature of their work it is almost impossible to find a modest designer of clothes or shoes. If you are not flamboyant it is unlikely you are a designer. These creative types crave attention and praise so their designs have to be bold and adventurous to get this attention.

Sometimes it seems a little like the Emperors Clothes story with some designers who become so idolised that it seems they can produce any old rubbish and receive praise.

As long as it starts with a sole and is designed to stay on the foot it is possible to create all sorts of weird and wonderful footwear. As usual women get a far greater range of choice when it comes to footwear and this comes down to the simple fact that men’s feet never look attractive when exposed!

This last statement must certainly be true of Englishmen because they always wear socks with their sandals.

When you walk along the seafront in some beautiful Mediterranean town there will be tourists and natives in the summer wearing stylish shorts and tops and the ladies with delicate strap sandals and men in flip flops, open sandals or Espadrilles. Just when all looks well in the world a potbellied bald man licking an ice cream, wearing a vest, satin shorts and brown sandals with grey socks will appear.

Chances are he will also be covered in tattoos just like his wife beside him. We call him Spot as in spot the Englishman abroad.

With the current choice of mens shoes including sandals and all other summer shoes there is no need for the English to look like this but you try telling them.

Buy Some Clothes and Help a Cause

Do you like to help a cause you believe in? Do you feel like you want to do more to help? You can help and it is easy to do too!

There are various brands out there for cyclists to choose from. You have Pearl Izumi, Desente, Canari, Nike, Shebeest, Primal Wear and several others. Let us take a closer look at what Nike has to offer. Nike’s line of cycling products is not as extensive as some of the other brands. They do however have a good variety. Several of their products came about because of Lance Armstrong. You will appreciate the fact when you buy a Lance Armstrong inspired article of clothing, a portion of your purchase will go to help fight cancer. This is a very worthy cause to support.

Nike products give you the same great benefits you have come to expect from other brands. Plus you get the good feeling of knowing you are helping out a great cause. What could possibly be better! Some of the benefits you are used to are moisture absorbing short chamois and jersey fabric. These benefits are there to help keep you drier for longer during those intense rides.

Nike has products to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You can also purchase some sunglasses to protect your eyes. You could also get a pair of lighter cycling shoes. They have all the basics when it comes to apparel and shoes. You can improve your performance and keep your self drier! You can’t go wrong with Nike cycling products!